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Award Winning Customer Service

Perfect Customer Service

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Cornerstone Funeral Home Ltd. has had the opportunity in serving the communities of Southern Alberta since 1995 and such has been honoured with those families placing their trust in us. We find this to be a great privilege and do everything we can do to make the ever so difficult time for a family to lose a loved one that much more bearable. In our efforts to create a warm and inviting environment with professional guidance and genuine care and concern we have been recognized by our peers for exceeding industry standards. Because of this, Cornerstone Funeral Home has been both privately and publicly recognized. The following is a list of awards that we have had the utmost honour in receiving publicly by our peers:

  • Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce: Small Business of the Year, 2001
  • Estelle Botfield Memorial Award: Excellence in Customer Service, 2001
  • Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce: Business of the Year of Alberta Award, 2009
  • Alberta Chamber of Commerce: Alberta Business Awards of Distinction Small Business Award of Distinction, 2009 (Finalist)
  • South West Service & Tourism Awards: Outstanding Business, 2016
  • Alberta Chamber of Commerce: Alberta Business Awards of Distinction, Small Business Award of Distinction,2016 (Finalist)
  • Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce: Business Legacy Award, 2018

Eternity’s Touch™ Fingerprint Jewelry

Cherished in Life, Treasured Forever

Grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest times you’ll ever experience. Many people find comfort in the memory of their loved one, keeping those beautiful memories close to their heart, and knowing that the place they held in your heart will never be replaced.

We have partnered with Eternity’s Touch and together we understand how comforting and important it is having those memories to hold on to when you need it most. With this thought in mind, Eternity’s Touch has created a unique and heartfelt line of products to help you hold onto the memories of your beloved ones in tangible ways.

Eternity’s Touch has designed a collection of personalized and one-of-a-kind keepsakes that capture the exact replication of a person’s fingerprint. When you’re hurting and need the comfort of your loved one, you can hold a unique and special part of them and their memory in your hand and find comfort in knowing that your life will forever be touched by theirs. These memories can be passed on to future generations, creating a lasting way to treasure the legacy of loved ones.

Together, Cornerstone Funeral Home and Eternity’s Touch are here to walk alongside you and offer you the most comfort during your grief. No one is meant to walk through grief alone, and we want to provide you with unique and personalized pieces of comfort to be with you forever.

For a full catalogue please visit

Tailored Pictorial Tributes

Advancing Technology

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Every picture tells a story, and at Cornerstone Funeral Home, we embrace the idea of creating pictorial tributes for a loved one that has passed.

We will assist you every step of the way, from editing and organizing photographs to selecting music to play during the presentation. When assembled properly, we are able to develop a vivid photo biography that captures every moment and narrates their life. A pictorial tribute can make any Funeral Service or Celebration of Life truly special by letting those in attendance reflect on the countless memories throughout your loved one’s lifetime. These memoirs carry through to the reception, where everyone comes together for a private or public time with your family to share stories and honour their life.

Physical pictures can be brought into our office and scanned to our computer, brought in on a USB stick, or transferred to us via file sharing services. Once the tribute has been created, we are able to write it onto customized DVDs and USBs that you can take home or gift to whomever. Once initially assembled, the video will be revised with you until it is completely perfect; whether that means changing the placement of one photo to changing its entirety, every detail counts.

Alternative Ways to Celebrate a Life Well Lived

“Bringing families closer together, one service at a time”

A Funeral Service allows people the chances to witness the services of a loved one who has passed on. However, for some people this may not be possible due to distance, time or other circumstances. Having your service recorded gives an opportunity to those who may not be able to attend a chance to take part in the service.

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LifeGem® Created Diamonds

The LifeGem is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life (The LifeGem diamond can also be made from the carbon in a lock of hair). It is a way to embrace their memory day by day. It is comfort and support when and where you need it.

If you desire an everlasting connection to the one you have lost, a LifeGem is right for you. As a celebration of life, each LifeGem tells a unique story and represents a new beginning. With the closeness offered only by a LifeGem, you will have your loved one with you and in your life at all times. And of course, this one-of-a-kind diamond will be a treasured heirloom in your family for generations to come.

We have thousands of clients - each with their own personal story, and each with their own personal LifeGem. But time and time again, the one feeling they describe is the comfort and peace they experience when holding the LifeGem of their loved one near.

We’ve found that the LifeGem creation process actually helps the grieving process. The advanced tracking system automatically updates you as each phase completes - bringing your loved one closer to home and giving you something to look forward to during this difficult time.

The LifeGem is the most exquisite memorial available. You’ve chosen the right tribute to your loved one.

Your LifeGem memorial diamond will provide a lasting memory that endures just as a diamond does. Forever.

The following are some of the products that LifeGem offers, to see a full catalogue or for further information please visit: