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Travis Zentner

Business Manager, Funeral Director & Embalmer

Travis is the youngest son of Cornerstone’s founders, Ralph and Faith Zentner. He started helping at the Funeral Home at a young age in vehicle and yard maintenance. Travis began assisting at funeral services in his high school years. Growing up around the funeral industry led Travis to appreciate the services that were provided to families in their time of grief.

He completed his Funeral Director and Embalming course in 2009 and has since served Cornerstone families with passion, strength, complete attention to detail. Additionally, he is the Business Manager of Cornerstone. With the very personal and tragic loss of his mother Faith in November of 2015, Travis relates to our families on the deepest of levels as they struggle to deal with their own loss.

Travis has worked in construction as well as customer service positions and really enjoys working with his hands, especially building and renovating. Some day, he would like to build his own home from the ground-up. Travis is committed to our community; he is a member of the Knights of Columbus, volunteers for Bridges of Hope and sits on the board of Wood’s Homes. He is the loving father of three children: Emma, who was born in 2007, Jaxon, who was born in 2010 and Kamryn Faith, who was born in 2016. Travis loves spending quality time with his family; supporting his children in their sporting activities and taking all of them on traveling and camping adventures.