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Twigg, Rylan

RYLAN JAMES WYATT TWIGG (White Quills) passed away in Lethbridge, on Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at the age of 29 years.

RYLAN JAMES WYATT TWIGG (White Quills) passed away in Lethbridge, on Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at the age of 29 years.

Rylan (Ry) was born January 26, 1994 to Lorilee White Quills and the late Buffy (Andrew Jr) Twigg. As a baby, Rylan was the apple of his dads' eye. Buffy was so happy to have a son, whom he loved and treasured until his passing. Ry was Buffy's "special boy", he had many hopes and dreams for his son, one being for Rylan to follow in his footsteps of being a bull rider or become a bronc rider. As he would often sit Rylan on his bronc riding saddle that he kept with him.

Rylan leaves to mourn his mother, Lorilee White Quills, sisters Kaydence White Quills and Melissa Twigg, brothers; Diason and Delrio Knife, his grandmothers Vivian White Quills and Linda (Darryl) Three Persons, aunts; Delaine, DJ, Deidre White Quills, Andrea (Brent) and Elizabeth (Shawn) Twigg, Melanie, Farrah, and Marie Three Persons, Natalie and Pam White Quills, Tana Knife, and Tyra Twigg, uncles: Steve Frank, Waylon Little Bear, Jesse (Elyse) Three Persons, Cory White Quills, Terry Singer, and Warren (Cathy) Twigg great-aunts; Peggy and Vera White Quills, Tammy (Ed) White Quills - Knife, Diane Twigg, Nora (Roy), Betty (Quintin), Pam (Colin), Wanda (Charles), and Doris (Phillip); and great-uncles; Boyce (Lucille) and Kirk (Lorna) White Quills, and Henry Big Throat, Wendel (Karen), Sheldon (Cory), and Roy Three Persons; nieces and nephews: Raegan White Quills, Kaleb Frank, Taylor Frank and Mya and Maverick Day Chief.

Rylan loved his mother Lorilee very much. Lorilee tended to his every need. He grew up with his mother Lorilee and three sisters; Linnea, Kieran, and Kaydence. He loved his mother and sisters very much, especially with his older sister Neaa. Neaa was very protective of her little brother, and called him "my baby". Rylan was very protective of his little sisters Kieran and Kaydence and ensured they were safe. Rylan was devastated when he lost his sisters Kieran, in February 2023, and Linnea in April 2023. He was heartbroken, and seemed to have lost his will to keep on living. Rylan also grew close to his older sister Melissa Twigg whom he looked up to and would spend time with her when he could and Melissa was warmly welcomed into Lorilee's home.

Grandma Viv welcomed her first grandson with open arms as it was a very special occasion. Grandma Viv has four daughters and never experienced the joy of having a son, so when Rylan came she was elated and wished the best for his future. Rylan had a lot of love and respect for his grandmothers Vivian and Linda. His grandma's supported Rylan throughout his life. He visited with grandma Linda and he knew he always had a place to go whenever he was stranded in Standoff. He was deeply loved by his grandma's and will be forever missed.

At a young age Rylan suffered with mental health issues which impacted his life and prevented him from pursuing and fulfilling his dreams and aspirations. This caused a lot of frustration for him and often left him feeling inadequate. Growing up, Rylan was close to Diason and Delrio Knife, "the boyz", who he took as his brothers, and vice versa. Lorilee and their mother, Tana Knife resided together for a short time, and spent a lot of time together, and this solidified the brother bond. Any chance the trio could get together they would. Diason and Delrio were aware of Rylan's challenges from a young age, they did not treat him differently for it, instead they looked out for him to ensure that he was not singled out and/or embarrassed. One summer he went to Calgary to spend time with the boyz and it happened to be during Calgary Stampede. Delrio was his "partner in crime" and they decided, along with Diason and Austin Eagle Bear, to work the Calgary Stampede. Austin and Delrio quit while Ry showed his determination and dedication to being a hardworker, while working the full 10 days of the Calgary Stampede along side Diason. It was around this time that great aunt Tammy White Quills-Knife brought them to open their first bank accounts.

Rylan's god-parents were uncle Cory White Quills and auntie Delaine White Quills. As everyone did, they loved and cared and looked out for him. Ry resided with Cory for a short time in Calgary and he spent a lot of time with Delaine and Steve Frank and their family; Raegan, Kaleb, and Taylor. Since he was a baby, Delaine would care for Rylan as if he was her own. She would say that he looked like "baby Dill", Dillon from The Rugrats with their bald heads.

Rylan was so loving and kind, despite his tough guy exterior. He ensured that everyone he cared for was in turn well taken care of, he was a very loyal individual.

Rylan was predeceased by his father Andrew Jr "Buffy" Twigg, sisters Kieran Plain Eagle and Linnea White Quills; nephews Kingley Shouting and Taylin Twigg; grandparents Andrew Twigg, Eugene and Evelyn Twigg; great-grandparents Olive and Eugene Sr. White Quills and Horace and Elizabeth Big Throat, James and Lucy Twigg, Annie Teresa Young Pine; great-uncles Robert White Quills, Melvin and Eugene (Tiny) Big Throat, Eugene (Evelyn), Jim (Celina), and Albert (Philomena) Twigg; great-aunts; Beatrice Big Swallow, Teresa (Dean) Plume, and Mary Twigg, and special cousins Tyler Jace Twigg and Layton Twigg.

Rylan comes from a big family which includes the White Quills, Creighton, Big Throat, Twigg, and Crop Eared Wolf families.

The family apologizes for anyone who may have been missed.

A Wake will be held at CORNERSTONE FUNERAL HOME, 2825 - 32 Street South, Lethbridge, AB, on Monday, November 20, 2023 from 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

A Funeral Mass will be celebrated at ST. MARTHA'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, 355 Columbia Blvd. West, Lethbridge, AB, on Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 11:00 A.M. with Father Andrew Pyon celebrating.

Following the Funeral Mass, Rylan will be laid to rest in the White Quills Family Plot.