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Louise Marie "Angie" Crop Eared Wolf

Crop Eared Wolf, Louise

February 5, 2024

Date of Service: February 17, 2024

IN LOVING MEMORY Iitoomitaipiima, ANGIE (Louise Marie) CROP EARED WOLF Iitoomitaipiima (First to Enter) Angie (Louise Marie) CROP EARED WOLF, was born on July 21, 1958 to Joe and Louise Crop Eared Wolf.  Her and her mom shared the same birthdate and therefore the same name, Louise.  She was also named after her Great Grandmother, Iitoomitaipiima, Tall Man’s mother.   She later came to be known as Angie to family and friends.

Angie grew up with her parents and siblings on the family ranch and attended St. Mary’s Residential school. She graduated from F. P. Walsh in Fort Macleod and the University of Lethbridge with a BA in Native Studies.
Angie’s life work centered around the preservation of the Kainai Oral Tradition, including research, interviewing our elders, as well as transcribing and translating the interviews from Blackfoot to English. Her latest project was working with Blood Tribe Management collecting Kainai stories from the Elders and along with her team producing a series of videos intended for community education and the preservation of our old-time stories for future generations.
Angie was well known for her love of animals, cats in particular. She was always rescuing strays and more than once raised newborn orphaned kittens using a dropper and her motherly love. She was a kind and gentle soul, always ready to help and support you in your time of need; always going out of her way to help.
Her other gift was cooking and baking. She was our chef and our go to person at Sundance, she cooked for her Mom and later her sisters. She was a bit of a perfectionist and had to have just the right ingredients otherwise she said it wouldn’t work. She was a bit fussy but the results were always absolutely delicious! I think it was all the love she put into it! Angie was well read and was interested in many topics such as history, culture, politics and First Nation issues and was a great proponent of Blackfoot language preservation. She was always interested in and deeply committed to the language and the culture. As a young girl she created her own buckskin outfit using the traditional Blackfoot style of design, colors and beadwork. She enjoyed pow-wows and was a good traditional dancer. Auntie Rita always commented on her traditional style of dancing and admired her for it.
She enjoyed many types of music and had many favorite artists such as Beatles, Stones, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Johnny Reid and Patsy Cline. She was a huge Elvis fan, you might see “Angie and Elvis Forever” etched on that brick fence at Graceland, inscribed there by her niece Jo.
Angie had a presence on social media, her posts to family and friends were always positive, supportive and uplifting in keeping with her personal values and her personality. She shared good words, good thoughts, beautiful photos, and her favorite music. She was never one to be negative or hurtful.
Angie had special bond with her children and grandchildren and will be dearly missed by her daughter Ipisowaahs, Shannon; son/nephew Natosi; grandchildren: Emilio, Cataleia, Cali-Evita, Alias, and Mia, as well as her siblings: Andy, Connie, Lillian, Annabel, Mariette, Ben, Margaret, Roger and Joanne; nieces: Shirley, Allison, Faye, Lois, Jill, Alana, Marjie, Sioux, Jo and Star and their families; nephews: Andre, Billy, Chauncey, Cody and Natosi; and her great nieces and nephews: Coy, Colmyn, Anjiloh, Zach, Xao, Zen, Joseph, Cole, Phillip, Sarah, Presley, Jezz, Jagger, Che, her best friend Jazen, Nakoa, Kiowa, Quannah, Gage, Rhegan, Thor, Kiyo, Jasper, Alora, Carlynia, Nash and Miko. Relatives include the Families of Flora Creighton; Rosie Blackwater/Red Crow; Agnes Shade; Mary Louise Oka; Pat Wolf/Ruth Wings; Reggie CEW; Fred and Dan Weasel Fat; Marion Goodstriker; Kathleen Eagle Speaker; Kitty Wadsworth; Kate Healy, Bernard Tall Man; Conrad and Mary Ellen Lafromboise, Gigi and Melinda Kipp, the Picketts from Crow and the Headleys from the Arapaho.
Angie was predeceased by her parents Joe and Louise Crop Eared Wolf, brothers Joe and Louis, daughter/niece Otakohniskim, her paternal grandparents Aloysius and Teresa Crop Eared Wolf and maternal grandparents Tall Man and Last Fox Woman (Bibi) as well as many uncles, aunts and cousins.
Angie is our angel now and will be by our side still, always ready to help, guide and support us. We love you Angie and will miss you so much. Thank you for being in our lives, you taught us what love and kindness look like. Love you forever and always. Happy Trails.

A Wake will be held at SENATOR GLADSTONE HALL, Blood Reserve, AB, on Friday, February 16, 2024 from 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

A Funeral Service will be held at SENATOR GLADSTONE HALL on Saturday, February 17, 2024 at 11:00 A.M. with Wilton Good Striker officiating.

Following the Funeral Service, Angie will be laid to rest in the Crop Eared Wolf Family Plot.